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Because it makes wearing the hijab much easier by covering the hair and hold the hijab in place.

Allowing you to be more creative and less meticulous when wearing a shawl.

InnerDagu is a special design inner to make your face look SLIMMER


Description of Product :

  • Innerscarf Neck Covered with Chin-Cover (Anak tudung)
  • Material : High Quality Premium Grade Cotton
  • Hem : Double-stitch Hem (coverstitch)
  • Size : Standard front length 12.5-13 inches
  • Back length : 18 inches
  • Face opening : 20-21 inches (stretchable) 
  • Standard size fit all sizes



Close up

Above picture of the DOUBLE-STITCH hem


Benefits of wearing InnerDagu

  • It covers and holds your hair in place.
  • It covers the chin (also suitable for solat wearing)
  • Made from PREMIUM cotton (SUPER COMFORTABLE)
  • Soft awning (easier to perform SUJUD)
  • 360 degrees stretchable face opening (20 inches) - can fit any face
  • Cooling and breathable fabric
  • Will make face look slimmer
  • Will cover double-chin

5 hints for washing InnerDagu to keep them at pristine

  • Gentle hand wash or machine wash(delicate setting)
  • Use cold water washing, avoid hot water wash as it can shrink or fade cotton fabrics
  • Separate your laundry into white and other colors clothing.
  • Tumble dry on a low setting and remove from dryer immediately to prevent wrinkles.
  • Medium heat iron


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#Please be informed that colours may slightly different due to camera flash/computer settings/editing.

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